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How Would You Like To Be Spoken To?

How would God have us speak to one another? You know.  Of course you do.  You know exactly how God would have us speak to one another.  I know too.  My mother was very clear.  And so was Jesus, and Paul, and Peter, and John— all those guys. We need to be kind.  Gentle.  Truthful yet always loving.  We need to speak in psalms and hymns and spiritual songs.  We need to speak Life into the lives of those around us, just as we shed Light into the space we occupy.  We need to respond patiently.  None of this is in our Old Self.  We need to put on the New Self daily! Most of all, we really need to consult the Holy Spirit before we speak. In the Celtic Daily Prayer , one of the prayers I especially love is this:  “Be in the heart of each to whom I speak; Be in the mouth of each who speaks to me.” As I read this Lenten Devotional from Biola ( ), I was struck by how seldom we take any of these admonitions to heart prior to opening our mouths.  How oft