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God, We Need You...Every Hour!

God, We Need You.. Every Hour! I NEED GOD.  Wow, do I ever need Him.!  It seems like more everyday.  This week I was made aware of how much tension I was holding over a couple of alpaca issues.  Both of them resolved very positively, and I was amazed at the extreme feeling of relief that followed both situations.  It really surprised me.  It makes me wonder what else is bubbling beneath the surface that I'm not aware of.  Yet. The really good news, though, is that in whatever situation I find myself, I am not alone.  (And neither are you, by the way).    I am so thankful that God in Christ is with me ALL THE TIME.  He doesn’t sleep or take coffee breaks or run errands, so He is here with me even when I am not aware of Him . Raise your hand if you get distracted and lose sight of His presence with you sometimes…  (mine is high in the air!) Do you find yourself asking to God to “be with” someone?  It’s one of those conventions we use even though it doesn’

God Is Our Hope!

GOD IS OUR HOPE Politics!  Everywhere I turn— POLITICS!    We are in another election cycle, so of course there is non-stop discussion about candidates.  And then there is all the scary and contradictory information about the global virus.  Now there is violent social upheaval all over the country about politicians’ favorite divisive topic, race.  Add to those things the many theories publicly bandied about surroundings specific people, events, coincidences, and mysteries, and you have enough media chatter to fill every waking hour— with a few disturbing dreams thrown in just for kicks (have you had one of those?). As if there weren’t enough distractions in daily life already! David, a king himself, reminds us not to trust in princes (senators? presidents? governors?), or in the sons of men, but only in God.  I confess I find myself worrying about the state of affairs in our country and world, especially as it relates to my children and grandchildren.  What k


A friend wrote this evening to say that she felt the need to grieve together for the pain, sorrow, disappointment, fear and unrest of the last few days.  She wondered if we could all grieve together so our hearts could be healed. And so, Dear Readers, I pass this request on to all of you.  So many feelings fill this time of uncertainty and unrest.  I suspect there is not one among us who is unaffected by the events of the last week. Please join me, then, in mourning the losses we feel.  Let us begin by confessing the fears, and then all the other feelings that bubble to the surface to God.  And then make our requests known to our Savior.  He is listening.  He expects us to come.  He is gathering in His sheep to the fold to protect and comfort us.  Let's spend time at his feet. In the spirit of my last blog, I have poured some words of my own into a psalm, which I will share with you here.  I would love to read some of yours as well. Lament Lo